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 We partner with our clients as trusted advisors to help navigate the SAP landscape so they can make informed decisions on product selection and implementation strategy.


From conception, design and build to archiving and decommissioning we help our clients implement projects spanning the entire lifecycle of their business systems. We also keep abreast with the latest innovations so we can help our customers with the right product.



Business Systems need to continually improve to keep pace with the changes in the external environment. We can help manage these changes and provide fixes to your perennial SAP issues.

Digital Transformation Simplified



Our services cover the gamut of the SAP lifecycle. Migrating to SAP from legacy systems is a transformational process for the business. We have the expertise to help you at each step along the way.

SAP Advisory 
The world of SAP is an intricate ecosystem with many components and processes. We partner with the CIO, CFO, COO and their teams as trusted advisors to help them navigate the SAP landscape. Our team provides detailed analysis and recommendations so customers can make informed decisions on product adoption. In addition, we help in project planning and strategy formulation so the road to SAP go-live is as smooth as possible.

SAP Implementation Services
We have experts who can help in each and every phase of SAP ERP implementation. Our consultants have experience in medium and large scale SAP implementations across North America and can be relied upon to tackle the most intractable issues in configuration, development, and testing. 


Maintenance and Support

As systems mature and stabilize SAP clients are increasingly looking for cost effective options for application maintenance and support. We can help in this process by executing upgrades, implementing change requests, and providing general support services.

Furthermore, SAP is undergoing a paradigm shift of how businesses use ERP. With the introduction of its state-of-the-art, in-memory database HANA, SAP is pioneering the next generation data platform with a focus on analytics. The adoption of cloud based systems has also been accelerating in all areas of business and SAP cloud offerings are expanding commensurately each year. Eitekh provides experienced consultants in all these areas so our clients can be at the forefront of IT evolution.


Our team has substantial skills and experience in the SAP domain and has served customers in Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics and the Public Sector. Below are some of the companies that we have worked with.

At Eitekh we provide technology advisory and implementation services in the SAP suite of products. SAP systems are a complex set of programs with interdependent components that are constantly communicating with each other. We practice the craft of configuring and extending these components so they become useful to our clients.

Our team has vast experience in the SAP domain and has served clients in Oil & Gas, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Logistics and the Public Sector.

We were founded in Toronto, Canada and have a sister entity in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


United States

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